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Project: Scholarship Program

Bisbee's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Fund, with the coordination efforts of The Green Scholarship Program, and La Paz University of Mexico have also instituted the “Bisbee’s Marine Biology Scholarship Program” at La Paz University for Marine Biology. Our first set of scholarship recipients includes 12 students from the Los Cabos area. Wayne Bisbee (Fund President) believes that students blessed with the desire and propensity toward the environment and science, should have the opportunity to achieve higher education in order to go forth and make a difference in this world, irrespective their financial status or ethic diversity.

Wayne Bisbee says “we are very excited about this great opportunity to serve students and launch them into careers that will make this world a better place.” He adds “we are so excited that we want to substantially increase the amount of scholarships in the near future.”

The combined financial commitment for these programs thus far is over $125,000.

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