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Project Partners and Sponsors

Our fight against Rhino poaching would not be possible without our donors, partners and sponsor. Thank you again for all of your support.

Coast Products is an official sponsor of Bisbee's Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund and a partner in the fight against rhino poaching. Our Rangers, Recruits and Staff at the NKWE Tactical Training Academy in So. Africa use their great products. COAST is well-known for their premium knives, multi-tools, and flashlights. Visit Coast online at

NKWE Tactical Training Academy has incorporated the "LaserShot Military and law enforcement simulated training solutions" into or training curriculum. We are proud to have the first interactive LaserShot system in the country. This is the same system used by many areas of the US Military and law enforcement agencies. For more information visit LaserShot online at

We are proud to be supporters and beta testers of Smart Conservation Software (SMART). SMART is being designed to help bridge the gap between sophisticated poaching and enforcement technology. Its combination of software, emphasis on capacity building and best practices will provide local protected area and wildlife authorities and community groups the ability to empower staff, boost motivation, increase efficiency and promote credible and transparent monitoring of the effectiveness of anti-poaching efforts.For more information visit SMART online at

Costa del Mar is the official sunglass provider for PROJECT: SAVE THE RHINO.

Costa del Mar builds the clearest sunglasses on the planet for those who live to be outdoors. We are proud to have Costa del Mar as a partner in the fight agains rhino poaching.  To see the latest Costa product, check out