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Press Release

September 11, 2014
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Paul Kimzey ; +1.972.632.7741

Frisco, Texas, USA

Administrative expenses are a reality for non-profit organizations. Staff salaries, mailings and program costs cannot be avoided, yet the top-rated groups consistently minimize those percentages and dedicate the majority of funds raised to the overall mission. Bisbee’s Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund, a Texas-based non-profit celebrating fish and wildlife, has gone one step further by establishing the Founder’s Circle. Charter members of the Founder’s Circle have agreed to cover 100 percent of the organization’s general and administrative expenses so that all additional donations are strictly allocated to support wildlife conservation.

“Brian White, our director of development, borrowed this unique fundraising idea from the Global Orphan Project,” says Wayne Bisbee, the Fund’s president. “What this means is that with the dedicated support of our founding donors, every penny raised from other sources goes 100 percent towards our conservation projects, not operational costs. That way we can maximize our impact on the fish and wildlife programs that need it most.”

The Fund is currently involved with multiple campaigns, including Project: Save the Rhino in South Africa, updating the data base for billfish migration with The Billfish Foundation, creating an Eastern Pacific Division of the International Game Fish Association’s Great Marlin Race and re-establishing endangered species in their native lands in Africa and beyond. The Fund has also partnered with Ducks Unlimited de Mexico (DUMAC) on a bold wetlands research and rehabilitation project for Mexico’s west coast and has established a scholarship program for wildlife research candidates.

“Certain administrative costs are unavoidable, but with this approach we’re guaranteed to get the most bang for our bucks. In addition to inviting other dedicated conservationists to donate to the Fund’s specific projects, individuals who are sensitive to the G&A needs may also join our Founder’s Circle to help us make a difference,” Bisbee adds.

The Bisbee’s Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund is highly rated by charity watchdog groups. The Fund has reached Gold level status in the GuideStar Exchange for exceeding or meeting industry standards. It also meets all Wise-Giving Alliance Standards for Charity Accountability established by the Better Business Bureau.

“With the establishment of the Founder’s Circle the public can have confidence their donated dollar will go towards the project they are most passionate about or general conservation expenses, whichever they prefer,” White explains. “Our goal is to be the best stewards possible and we invite other donors to join us in those efforts.”

To learn more about the Fund’s projects or to join the Founder’s Circle, please contact us at